In March 1984 Honda introduced the VF1000RE in Europe
1984 VF1000RE

the styling was a celebration of the V4's racing heritage and the VF1000R was a showcase for the technology Honda had developed on the race track. The super sports bike still featured the same 998 cc V-4 engine in its rectangular section pipe frame but this was the first VF1000 to have gear driven cams that would become a trademark of future V4 Hondas, beginning with the VFR750. The VF1000R modifications increased the claimed output of the V4 engine to 122 bhp (91 kW) or 125bhp (American Release).

The RE colour scheme was Fighting Red with Shasta White and Candy Aleutian Blue. The bike had a red front mudguard, fork legs, centre section, and seat. The upper fairing, fuel tank, and "1000R" stripe were blue and the lower fairing was white. Like the VF500 and VF750 the 1000R has the Honda wings on the tank.

1985 VF1000RF

The RE was discontinued in April 1985 to be replaced by the VF1000RF. The bike was redesigned (losing the twin headlights) to satisfy the American market who had to wait a year before the bike was sold in the USA.[1] The RF was produced in the same colour scheme as the RE but with revised decals.

In March 1986 the VF1000RG is introduced in the Rothmans Team Colours with revised logo decals and was discontinued in August 1987. Six months later in February 1988 the VF1000RF is discontinued.

1986 VF1000RG


VF1000R (E/F/G) - 1984 - 1987 : Specifications
Engine 998cc DOHC 4-stroke 16 valve liquid cooled 90 degree V4
Bore & Stroke 77.0 x 53.6mm
Compression ratio 10.2:1
Carburettors 4 x 36mm CV type
Power (claimed)122bhp @ 10,000rpm
Torque (claimed)66 lb-ft @ 8,000rpm
SuspensionFRONT : Air-assist 41mm tube diameter fork with 3-way adjustable rebound damping. TRAC, fork brace and equalizer, 155mm travel. REAR : Pro-Link with 3 way remote adjustable rebound damping, 123mm axle travel.
BrakesFRONT : Twin floating discs with dual piston calipers and sintered metal pads. REAR : Ventilated disc with opposed piston floating caliper and sintered metal pads.
WheelsNS type aluminium ComStars
Front tyre120/80 V16
Rear tyre140/80 V17 (Radial)
Seat Height810mm
Ground Clearance135mm
Fuel Capacity23 litres (3.5 litre reserve)
Dry weight238kg


VF1000R (E/F/G) - 1984 - 1987 : Worldwide Identification
ModelFrame - StartFrame - FinishEngine - StartEngine - FinishCarb I.D.Intended Market
VF1000 RESC16-2000031SC16-2003251SC16E-2000040SC16E-2003517VD83A AFRANCE
VF1000 RESC16-2000038SC16-2003478SC16E-2000049SC16E-2003529VD83A AEURO DIRECT
VF1000 RESC16-2000040SC16-2001941SC16E-2000051SC16E-2001988VD83B AGERMANY
VF1000 RESC16-2000044SC16-2003482SC16E-2000055SC16E-2003534VD83A AUK
VF1000 RESC16-2000045SC16-2003420SC16E-2000056SC16E-2003467VD83C ASUISSE
VF1000 RESC16-2000076SC16-2003425SC16E-2000108SC16E-2003469VD83A AITALY
VF1000 RESC16-2000519SC16-2001881SC16E-2000563SC16E-2001928VD83B AAUSTRIA
VF1000 RESC16-2000740SC16-2002041SC16E-2000774SC16E-2002088VD83B ASWEDEN
VF1000 RESC16-2000798SC16-2000817SC16E-2000814SC16E-2000852VD83A ANORTH EUROPE
VF1000 RESC16-2000858SC16-2000984SC16E-2000802SC16E-2001021VD83A ANEDERLANDS
VF1000 RESC16-2000861SC16-2001002SC16E-2000905SC16E-2001039VD83A AFINLAND
VF1000 RESC16-200169SC16-2003467SC16E-2000173SC16E-2003514VD83A AAUSTRALIA
VF1000 RESC16-2003293SC16-2003342SC16E-2003341SC16E-2003390VD83A ASPAIN
VF1000 RFSC16-2100008SC16-2102063SC16E-2100878SC16E-2104233VD85A AUK
VF1000 RFSC16-2100009SC16-2101065SC16E-2100879SC16E-2103520VD85B AGERMANY
VF1000 RFSC16-2100017SC16-2101014SC16E-2100887SC16E-2104189VD85C ASUISSE
VF1000 RFSC16-2100019SC16-2101064SC16E-2103032SC16E-2104239VD85A AITALY
VF1000 RFSC16-2100434SC16-2100692SC16E-2103565SC16E-2103820VD85A AEURO DIRECT
VF1000 RFSC16-2100693SC16-2101068SC16E-2103821SC16E-2104243VD85A ASPAIN
VF1000 RFSC160*FM002275SC160*FM002508SC16E-2102894SC16E-2103416VD85J ACANADA
VF1000 RGSC16-2200001SC16-2200500SC16E-2201012SC16E-2201521VD85A AUK
VF1000 RGSC16-2200002SC16-2200063SC16E-2200003SC16E-2200064VD85K AFRANCE
VF1000 RGSC16-2200051SC16-2200530SC16E-2200003SC16E-2200064VD85B AGERMANY
VF1000 RGSC16-2200123SC16-2200448SC16E-2201134SC16E-2201469VD85A ASPAIN
VF1000 RGSC16-2200173SC16-2200502SC16E-2201184SC16E-2201523VD85A AEURO DIRECT
VF1000 RGSC16-2200224SC16-2200479SC16E-2201235SC16E-2201520VD85A ANEDERLANDS
VF1000 RGSC16-2200246SC16-2200302SC16E-2201254SC16E-2201315VD85A AITALY

VF1000RF EURO 1986 Sales Brochure

VF1000RF USA 1986 Sales Brochure

VF1000RG Sales Brochure