Following the release of the VF1000FF in 1985, a fully faired version was introduced, and the VF1000F2(F) was launched in April 1985
VF1000F2-F(G) 1986

The powerful 1000cc V-4 had been packaged into two super sports bikes and it was now time to show that the VF could be a real sports tourer too. The 116 bhp (87 kW) F2 included the same styling changes we had seen in the VF1000FF but Honda added a more aerodynamic full fairing which covered most of the engine, and changed the seat design to improve comfort for rider and passenger over long distances.

The F2 has the name of the French endurance racing circuit "Bol d'or" across the top of the fairing behind the indicator, giving this VF it's Bol d'or nickname. An extra radiator is included to assist cooling and is integrated into the "wind tunnel" designed fairing. The fairing, designed to increase rider comfort and reduce drag, has a built in ventilation system and twin storage "pockets".

The cockpit was redesigned too with a centrally mounted fuel and coolant temperature gauge, new style speedo and tachometer with yellow backgrounds. The twin headlights first seen on the VF1000R are also included on some models. Whilst suspension and braking specifications remain the same as the VF1000F/FE, the F2 is the heaviest of all the VF's weighing 145Kg. Engine and frame modifications were carried over from the development of the R and FF models, but the F2 still had chain driven cams.

The VF1000F2-(F/G) was discontinued in May 1986.


VF1000F2 (G TYPE) - 1986 : Specifications
Engine 998cc DOHC 4-stroke 16 valve liquid cooled 90 degree V4
Bore & Stroke 77.0 x 53.6mm
Compression ratio 10.2:1
Carburettors 4 x 36mm CV type
Power (claimed)116bhp @ 10,000rpm
Torque (claimed)63.6 lb-ft @ 8,000rpm
SuspensionFRONT : Air-assist 41mm fork with 3-way adjustable rebound damping. TRAC, and equalizer, 140mm travel.REAR : Pro-Link with 3 way remote adjustable rebound damping, 120mm axle travel.
BrakesFRONT : Dual discs with dual piston calipers and sintered metal pads.REAR : Disc with dual piston caliper and sintered metal pads.
WheelsBoomerang type aluminium ComStar
Front tyre100/90 V18-250
Rear tyre140/80 V17-250
Seat Height815mm
Ground Clearance145mm
Fuel Capacity23 litres (3.5 litre reserve)
Dry weight245kg
Dimensions (L X W X H) 2270 X 765 X 1275mm


VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR) - 1986 : Worldwide Identification
ModelFrame - StartFrame - FinishEngine - StartEngine - FinishCarb I.D.Intended Market
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4000018SC15-4003680SC15E-2100769SC15E-2105997VD86F AGERMANY
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4000022SC15-4001537SC15E-2100776SC15E-2103221VD85E AITALY
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4000141SC15-4003877SC15E-2101369SC15E-2106337VD86E AEURO DIRECT
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4000345SC15-4001150SC15E-2100350SC15E-2101256VD86G ASUISSE
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4000648SC15-4001788SC15E-2102130SC15E-2103518VD86E AUK
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4001193SC15-4002960SC15E-2102877SC15E-2105195VD85F AAUSTRIA
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4001733SC15-4003700SC15E-2103415SC15E-2106297VD86E AFINLAND
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4001789SC15-4001863SC15E-2103426SC15E-2103805VD86F ASWEDEN
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4001864SC15-4002322SC15E-2103891SC15E-2104436VD86E AAUSTRALIA
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC15-4002819SC15-4002985SC15E-2105009SC15E-2105220VD86E ANEDERLANDS
VF1000 F2F (BOLD'OR)SC19-4000005SC19-4002107SC19E-2100010SC19E-2102315VD86H AFRANCE

VF1000F2 1986 Sales Brochure