VF1000F & Interceptor

The first production motorcycle in the 1000cc VF range known as the 1000 Interceptor, was launched in the USA and Canada in March 1984.
March 1984 (VF) 1000 Interceptor

The Interceptor had a 998cc 113 BHP 16 valve V-4 engine with double over head chain driven cams. The bike featured adjustable Pro-Link rear suspension with adjustable braced front forks, silver aluminium ComStar wheels (16 inch front, 17 inch rear), and an aerodynamic half fairing and lower cowl with single rectangular headlight. Three discs comprised the breaking system with dual discs and twin piston calipers at the front and a single disc with twin piston calipers at the rear.

The Interceptor was available in Blue/White/Red (Candy Aleutian Blue with Shasta White), Black/Red/White (Candy Alamona Red with Pearl Shell White) or Black/Silver/White. The "Honda" and "Interceptor" striping across the tank and side panels were red or blue.

1000 Interceptor

The 1000 Interceptor had the word "Interceptor" in white on red across the side panels and "VF1000F" stenciled in white on the seat, the "V-FOUR" graphic is outlined in red on the white cowl, later the "Interceptor" name is dropped and "VF1000F" appears in white on red across the side panels. The engine and exhaust were finished in black with silver cylinder head covers. Extras available for the 1000 Interceptor included an engine guard, rear seat cowl, luggage rack and body cover.

March 1984 - April 1985 VF1000FE

In Europe the "Interceptor" was launched as the FE model in 1984 and reported engine power output was increased to 116 horsepower (87 kW). Features such as Honda's dive control system (TRAC) and adjustable suspension were still present with the biggest change being the colour schemes available in Red/White, Blue/White and Silver/Black the graphics are in red on a white background, the "Interceptor" graphic is replaced with VF1000F below the tank and the "Honda" tank graphic stretches across the half fairing. The aluminium Comstars are now black. The VF1000F was discontinued in April 1985.The evolution of the VF1000F(1) to the VF1000F2 began in April 1985 with the VF1000FF (and subsequent rare FG) model. The styling of the bike changed with new side panels and grab rail. The 16-inch (410 mm) front wheel was replaced with an 18-inch (460 mm) wheel and the bike was available in Silver/Blue or Silver/Red. The "Honda" tank graphic appears in white and "VF1000F" is moved to the rear of the side panel in black.

VF1000FF 1985-1987 / VF1000F2
The VF1000FF was sold in Europe, Australia and Canada and was discontinued in August 1987.
VF1000F & FE


1000 Interceptor - 1984 : Specifications
Engine 998cc liquid cooled 90 degree V4
Bore & Stroke 77.0 x 53.6mm
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Carburettors 4 x 36mm CV type
Power (claimed)113bhp @ 10,000rpm
Torque (claimed)63.7 lb-ft @ 8,000rpm
SuspensionFRONT : 41mm air-adjustable forks with 2 way adjustable rebound damping and TRACREAR : Air adjustable Pro-Link with remote 3 way adjustable rebound damping.
BrakesFRONT : Dual disc with twin piston calipers REAR : Disc with twin piston caliper.
WheelsSilver aluminium ComStars
Front tyre120/80 V16
Rear tyre140/80 V17
Seat Height800mm
Fuel Capacity25 Litres (4.9 litre reserve)
Dry weight234kg

VF1000FE - 1985 : Specifications

Engine 998cc DOHC 4-stroke 16 valve liquid cooled 90 degree V4
Bore & Stroke 77.0 x 53.6mm
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Carburettors 4 x 36mm CV type
Power (claimed)116bhp @ 10,000rpm
Torque (claimed)65 lb-ft @ 7,500rpm
SuspensionFRONT : Air-assist 41mm tube diameter fork with 3-way adjustable rebound damping. TRAC, fork brace and equalizer, 155mm travel. REAR : Pro-Link with 3 way remote adjustable rebound damping, 123mm axle travel.
BrakesFRONT : Dual discs with dual piston calipers and sintered metal pads. REAR : Disc with dual piston caliper and sintered metal pads.
WheelsBlack aluminium ComStars
Front tyre120/80 V16
Rear tyre140/80 V17
Seat Height800mm
Ground Clearance145mm
Fuel Capacity23 litres (3.5 litre reserve)
Dry weight233kg


VF1000F/INTERCEPTOR - 1984 : Worldwide Identification
ModelFrame - StartFrame - FinishEngine - StartEngine - FinishCarb I.D.Intended Market
VF1000 FESC15-2000013SC15-2004505SC15E-2000037SC15E-2005743VD82D AGERMANY
VF1000 FESC15-2000014SC15-2007450SC15E-2000038SC15E-2012049VD82A AEURO DIRECT
VF1000 FESC15-2000021SC15-2006349SC15E-2001241SC15E-2010740VD82B ASUISSE
VF1000 FESC15-2000023SC15-2007473SC15E-2001243SC15E-2012075VD82A AFRANCE
VF1000 FESC15-2000364SC15-2007330SC15E-2001594SC15E-2011932VD82A AUK
VF1000 FESC15-2000564SC15-2004545SC15E-2001796SC15E-2005828VD82D AAUSTRIA
VF1000 FESC15-2000584SC15-2007016SC15E-2001816SC15E-2011600VD82A AFINLAND
VF1000 FESC15-2001672SC15-2007553SC15E-2002927SC15E-2012155VD82A AAUSTRALIA
VF1000 FESC15-2003400SC15-2007272SC15E-2004643SC15E-2010399VD82A ASOUTH AFRICA
VF1000 FESC15-2004596SC15-2004655SC15E-2005879SC15E-2005938VD82A ANORWAY
VF1000 FE (INTERCEPTOR)SC150*EM000036SC150*EM003908SC15E-2000071SC15E-2010931VD82C ACANADA
VF1000 FFSC15-2100013SC15-2101790SC15E-2100737SC15E-2106260VD86A AGERMANY
VF1000 FFSC15-2100020SC15-2101129SC15E-2100882SC15E-2103728VD86A AITALY
VF1000 FFSC15-2100390SC15-2101019SC15E-2101215SC15E-2103618VD86A AUK
VF1000 FFSC15-2100550SC15-2101797SC15E-2101590SC15E-2106267VD86A AAUSTRALIA
VF1000 FFSC15-2101400SC15-2101828SC15E-2104643SC15E-2106299VD86A AEURO DIRECT
VF1000 FFSC150*FM100001SC150*FM100697SC15E-2100005SC15E-2100701VD86A ACANADA
VF1000 FFSC19-2000005SC19-2000202SC19E-2000363SC19E-2001353VD86A ASUISSE
VF1000 FGSC19-2100002SC19-2100282SC19E-2100002SC19E-2100282VD85H AFRANCE
VF1000 FG (BOLD'OR)SC15-4100002SC15-4100098SC15E-2200003SC15E-2200099VD86E ASPAIN

Interceptor US 1984 Sales Brochure

Interceptor Canada Sales Brochure

VF1000F EURO 1985 Sales Brochure