2015 Q2 UK Audit

Audit of licensed or SORN’d Honda VF1000 models registered with the Department of Transport Q2 2015 in the UK.

There were 388 Honda VF1000 motorcycles registered in the UK in Q2 of 2015, an increase of 59 from 2011. Whilst the total registered vehicles have increased the number of roadworthy bikes has decreased. More VF1000's are no longer in use and have been declared as being off road, this could be due to age and lack of parts.

ModelLicensedSORN'dTotal% of total / - 2011
VF1000 FE277410126.03% 9
VF1000 F2F17678421.65% 19
VF1000 FF24739725.00% 16
VF1000 RE10495915.21% 8
VF1000 RF7334010.31% 4
VF1000 RG1671.80% 3
Totals86302388100% 59