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In the Shed / mirrors bending
« on: October 13, 2017, 06:09:16 pm »
when i ride fast the mirrors sphere hinge keeps bending in the wind.
every time i go above 100 i have to adjust the mirrors,
is there something i can do?

Forum Picture Gallery / vf1000f red/white
« on: August 28, 2017, 07:17:38 pm »
just picked up today, bought for only 650  :o ;D ,,,wich is a steal anyway. 8)
idles verry quit with no rattle at all, starts up easy , all original locks, just needs to install original blinkers and front reflectors witch are included  ;D ;D, spare tank and cowls included to make it completely mat black , but i keep it as stock as possible with a slight personal touch.
i replaced the 750 seat with a 1100 seat with new red cover.
tomorrow i will try a testrun on the street when i have done some first tlc.
maby it will needs more than an oil change to get it reliable, but its a runner that is for sure.
i definitly need an other aftermarket exhaust dampner , this one is completely empty and sounds awfull loud and hollow.  i am not going back to a 4 in 2 , that might be to expencive for now. 
need to know what can will fit?? any advise on that would be great.

like to see bigger pics? look at the link

hello guys, new here, greetings from belgium,
these are the bikes i curently have ,
i have to go pickup the vf1000f  by the end of the month,  i bought it for only 650 euro  :P. it should be in good shape. 51.0000 km on the odo,  all original parts are still with the bike in a box exept the exhaust. there is an extra tank with it and all the cowls , all matt black. i might sell these parts because i like the stock colors .
my other bikes are all in perfect riding condition, 
i keep them near stock,  ;D   

see album

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