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In the Shed / VF 1000 F Clutch Sliding & cold start / idle problem
« on: January 04, 2018, 07:04:56 am »
Hey Guys,

I decided to move my topic and questions hier as it is more relevant "in the Shed: 😉

 I have almost finished with one of my VF 1000 projects to rebuild and wake my bikes up... 

...and I have two important questions:

Clutch sliding
I did some works on the engine and changed all filters, sparks, oil (10W 40 full synth.), cleaned the cooling system (washed it, cleaned it and refilled afterwards), etc... and after all I realised that the clutch started to slide. I must say that the bike was not mooving for 16 years ca. and I did not touch anything on the clutch system....(old fluid, etc...). The clutch felt really hard and worked also only at the end...
I thought that I have to renew the discs as they are at the end of life, but than had the idea that maybe the master cylinder and the slave cylinder, etc... could be "dirty" and blocked by the old fluid...
I had a look and what not, it was brown and dirty... cleaned it (also the piston in the slave cylinder) and it feels much better but because of the weather and no permission for the bike (yet) could not really try it outside.

Question: do you guys think that it could have been my problem and only with this cleaning and new DOT 4 fluid in the system the problem could be solved?
For sure, the clutch is not xtrem hard anymore as before but also not too spongy. Feels OK, but I should try it while running...

On my other bike: VF 1000 F, 1984 I have the following problem:
1. When it is cold outside (ca 0 to +2 degree), it is really really difficult to start it. It starts for a second (I guess with the fuel left in the engine from the last ride...) than dies after 1 sec and really difficult to restart it again. After it starts and warm, working perfectly and re-starts immediatly. BUT when it is warm, the idle  do not get under 1400-1300, while it should be more 1000 - 1100. When the engine is only a little bit warm, the iddle is perfect.
With the idle screw, I can not adjust any more as it is completly out.

My idea -to confirm or not by you guys-, is that "maybe" there could be a problem with one of the intake manifolds which is taking air in the system between the carb and the engine... I must add that the carbs were off but still the cables attached when I changed the gaskets on them.

My theory is that in this case:
1. The cold engine starts hard as it takes too much air and not enough fuel (mix is not enough fuel-rich) and when it is warm it is "acceptable" for the engine so starts immediatly BUT:
2. the idle stays high when the engine is warm, as the system takes too much air because of the intake problem?

There is no missfiring and the carbs were cleaned (ultrason.) before and "visually" the intake manifolds looks also OK... how could I check that?

....or the second way / idea could be:
1. Remove the carbs once more and try to clean the choke valves with pressed air
2. Set the idle by playing with the pilot screws (once in, than 2 1/2 out and than try to described in the manual)

I also bought a carb synchroniser one week ago as I am really passionated to learn everything 😆...but never used something like that till now. If it would help to control, check, etc. I would hive a try...😎

I must say that I am not a carb-pro as you see, and never played with the jets, pilot screws, etc....
Time to learn!!! 😆

Thx a lot for your tips!


Sales and Wants / VF 1000 FF Blue Parts to sell
« on: December 21, 2017, 07:04:41 am »
Hey all VF Riders,

as You may know, I got two VF 1000. A 1984, first edition and a 1989 FF. I decided to transform my FF from blue to red as I like it much better and I found nice red parts for this project.
I got now all the fairings + fuel tank + seat to sell from the blue one.
The lack on the tank was repaired on some spots already. No big things, but U can see it.
The front fairing will be sold without the windscreen / windschield as I need it for my red fairing.
Just mail me if U are interested in some parts.


VF1000 / VF 1000 FF & VF 1000 F - new owner greats U guys
« on: December 16, 2017, 12:01:49 pm »
Hey Guys all around,

as a new owner and a new member, let me send you my greatings and best wishes & a safe ride!

I just bought two bikes: VF 1000 F and FF to re-build and wake them up after 16 and 10 years of sleeping in a garage.

I just love these bikes and looking forward to have some great times while repairing and riding them in the future!
Actually I just wanted to buy one, but I got them for 300 and 350 could not let them get rusted and be forgotten somewhere behind  ;) :)

I am someone with big love for these bikes but far from beeing a pro mechanic  :P 8) probably needs a lot of advice and tipps from you guys!



Sales and Wants / VF 1000 F White-blue-red Fuel Tank WANTED
« on: December 16, 2017, 11:20:19 am »
Hello Guys,

I just bought my VF 1000 F, model 1984 a few weeks ago and I could make her work again after 10 years of sleeping :)
That's great....and my plan is to make her nice again.

Unfortunatly the original Fuel Tank was not a part of the deal and I got only a yellow one and an other parly damaged...

I am now looking for a nice and original White-Blue-Red Fuel Tank with "Hond" and "onda" texts written on the sides.

If you guys have one to sell or you know somebody who gots one, please send me a message or mail.
Worldwide shipping is OK for me.

Thanks a lot!


Istvan ;)

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