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VF1000 / Airtech Streamlining replacement fairing
« on: October 07, 2017, 01:23:59 pm »
I need a new seat fairing, ref 85 VF1R

My old fairing broke at the bend and the pieces lost when I bought it and is useless, unsalvageable. What I've found on eBay are perfect and horribly expensive or broken and moderately expensive. I've not found an aftermarket alternative for this bike.

What I have found is from a vfr750.  Has anyone tried to adapt an RC24 or RC30 tail fairing from Airtech Streamlining as a replacement?

How different are the 750 vs 1000 frames in the tail area? What should I be looking for, or at, to evaluate?

VF1000 / 1985 VF1000R Right Handlebar Switch
« on: August 28, 2017, 05:19:38 pm »
All, your collective wisdom is appreciated here.

My right handlebar switch is FUBAR (no kidding!) and needs a replacement.  The parts fiche says the part I want is discontinued: 35130-MJ4-672

Searches through the Magna/Sabre/Interceptor parts lists, do not reveal a ready replacement so I'm coming to you, my esteemed friends, who've likely figured this out already.

Question 1:  Is there a direct replacement for the OEM right handlebar switch?
Question 2:  Failing that, is there a like switch (but it needs longer wires or different connector)?
Q 3: will the forces of Goodness, Ingenuity and Restoration Rightness prevail against the forces of Dastardly Discontinued Darkness? 

Your help is appreciated!


VF1000 / Key number
« on: July 22, 2017, 10:37:33 pm »
Hi all, new to the forum. I just picked up a 85 VF1000R in pretty rough shape but the engine and running gear are sound, cams are good.  Carbs are hosed, ugh.

But, it didn't come with a key - a title, but no key. Go figure.

Can anyone tell me where to find the key code number? I've checked the owners workshop manual with no luck and searching here didn't result in the information either.

All help is appreciated!

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