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Forum Picture Gallery / Re: vf1000f red/white
« Last post by imezei07 on Today at 08:35:17 am »
Thx again!

I am looking for a new rad cap, but do not find any new on the net for the VF 1000 f...
Do you know which size should it be (42 or 45 mm?, 0,9 bar or more?)? ...than I may find one which fits but not a VF 1000 spec..

Forum Picture Gallery / Re: vf1000f red/white
« Last post by VF1000Fe on Today at 03:25:54 am »
You might want to remove the Thermostat during flushing, or you won't get much water thru the rads.
Replace the squashed O-Ring there;
Get it from a Seal Shop rather than Honda.
You can leave it out if you got for a short Flush Ride.

The O-Ring on the Water Pump is NOT available and unique.
If its not leaking, leave it alone.
Forum Picture Gallery / Re: vf1000f red/white
« Last post by imezei07 on December 16, 2017, 09:03:44 pm »

Thx a lot for your detailed description and your help! :)

Tomorrow I will have a look at my bike and visually check all parts to make sure that I understood everything well, before starting the process. Actually we got 0 degrees and some snow outside so I will have to proceed all steps in the garage. Should be fine I guess.
Anyway, in the Xmas holiday I may have more time :)

I come back with the news how it worked  / or my questions in case of :)

Thx a lot!

Forum Picture Gallery / Re: vf1000f red/white
« Last post by VF1000Fe on December 16, 2017, 07:20:30 pm »
Always good to hear there is another VF1000 Fanatic out there.

Remove the plastic overflow bottle and wash out, with solvent, then with Muriatic Acid (CLR or equivalent).
Use a paint brush to "paint" the plastic bottle with Armorall, or similar protectant.
Actually, clean ALL bike unpainted plastic and paint with Armorall.
This motor will Rust internally badly, and has probably happened.
Disconnect 2 Thermostat Intake hoses, remove Chrome rad pipe (from water pump up to motor), remove 2 lower cylinder drain bolts, and run the garden hose into Intake,,.. wash the rust out (and not into thermostat).
Remove upper aluminum rad and check for Rust Flakes jam'd on Intake (left) side;

Or you'll wonder why its overheating.

Rad Fluid is drained from 5 places, get All those bolts out.
Reassemble hoses and run garden hose into top rad filler, let it spill out everywhere (messy).
Start bike up, while still running garden hose water, let it run all over.
Put all 5 bolts back in and add Rad Flush Chemical (follow bottle instructions) and water.
Run it hot, even take it for a short ride.
Dump it and do it again (1 bottle good for 2 motorcycle flushes).
After 2nd dump, put garden hose back in (Full ON) and flush all out.
Run motor while still filling water while dumping, long time.
NO Flush Chemical allowed left.
Fill with quality rad fluid (5year/250,000km) at 50%.
Replace Rad Cap with new (just do it).
Trim 5mm off of all small black rubber overflow hoses (to plastic overflow bottle).
Old hoses will leak air in during cool down suck. air will build up under rad cap.

This radiator system is overly complicated and prone to problems.
I recommend taking everything OFF and clean/check/refurb ALL rad parts.
The rad pump is no longer available, be nice to it.
VF1000 / Re: VF 1000 FF & VF 1000 F - new owner greats U guys
« Last post by windysolar1 on December 16, 2017, 05:54:47 pm »
you have come to the right place
just ask away 8)
VF1000 / VF 1000 FF & VF 1000 F - new owner greats U guys
« Last post by imezei07 on December 16, 2017, 12:01:49 pm »
Hey Guys all around,

as a new owner and a new member, let me send you my greatings and best wishes & a safe ride!

I just bought two bikes: VF 1000 F and FF to re-build and wake them up after 16 and 10 years of sleeping in a garage.

I just love these bikes and looking forward to have some great times while repairing and riding them in the future!
Actually I just wanted to buy one, but I got them for 300 and 350 could not let them get rusted and be forgotten somewhere behind  ;) :)

I am someone with big love for these bikes but far from beeing a pro mechanic  :P 8) probably needs a lot of advice and tipps from you guys!


Forum Picture Gallery / Re: vf1000f red/white
« Last post by imezei07 on December 16, 2017, 11:43:21 am »

great to hear what you did and that your bike got some care finally  ;) :)

I am a few months behind you but having the same steps behind / in front of me...

My bike needs also some nice words....and some repairs  8)

It was not running for 10 years and a few days ago with new spark plugs, new carb sealings, etc... I could turn it on! That was a great moment but still a way to go.

I have two questions:

1. Motor cleaning
You wrote that you added some kind of engine cleaning liquid to the oil? Did I understand well? I never did something like that. Could you give me a tip please? I would do the same to make sure the before I change the filter and the oil, the engine will be cleaned a bit with the old oil.

2. Cooling liquid change:
I do not see any liquid in the plastic tank behind....just some brown stuff. Only a little. I guess I need to clean the system. How would you proceed? Any tipps?
I saw on the picture that you removed the pipe under to let the liquid out. I also know that there are 2 bolts at the front cylinders and at the water pump to let the cooling liquid out. Should I just let it out? ...after how can I "wash it" with water? Where and how should I put the water in to let it throught the system and clean it?

I appreciate your tipps and ideas!

...after I will have to check the front forks and sealings. If you made already a check or service on it, I am interested :)

Thx a lot and greetings!


Sales and Wants / VF 1000 F White-blue-red Fuel Tank WANTED
« Last post by imezei07 on December 16, 2017, 11:20:19 am »
Hello Guys,

I just bought my VF 1000 F, model 1984 a few weeks ago and I could make her work again after 10 years of sleeping :)
That's great....and my plan is to make her nice again.

Unfortunatly the original Fuel Tank was not a part of the deal and I got only a yellow one and an other parly damaged...

I am now looking for a nice and original White-Blue-Red Fuel Tank with "Hond" and "onda" texts written on the sides.

If you guys have one to sell or you know somebody who gots one, please send me a message or mail.
Worldwide shipping is OK for me.

Thanks a lot!


Istvan ;)
VF1000 / Re: Where to start!
« Last post by imezei07 on December 16, 2017, 11:12:25 am »

I am just like you as I got my 2 VF 1000 F and FF a few weeks ago  ;) :)

I bought them as I like challanges to wake bikes up after 16 years...(both were sleeping since 16 and 10 years).

What I made:
Step 0: Cleaned the whole bike and removed the fairings all around to have access to the engine, etc...
1. Cleaned the fuel tanks from rust and filled with fuel
2. Changed the fuel pipes
3. Changed the fuel filter
4. Checked if fuel pump works
5. Changed the spark plugs
6. Removed and changed the air filter
7. Bought a batterie
8. Checked the carbs visually (they were visually OK) from above while removing the air filter-box
9. Tried to start them....

The one: VF 1000 FF started after several tries, but it was a hard job... smoke everywhere from both exhausts... but with some fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank, they got a bit cleaner and started to work 80% OK.
I have to let the engine work and give some time to the system to clean itself. I will probably use some carb cleaning fluid later and I may synchronise the carbs also... but it works :)

The other one: VF 1000 F, 1984 did not start easily. I used carb. cleaning fluid and engine starter spray directly into the carbs from above (air filter box removed before as written). She started :)
Unfortunatly the seals in the carbs were gone and I had to remove the carbs, clean them and change the sealings. Now it is fine and I have to check the other parts...

Greetings from Germany

VF1000 / Re: Boldor on eBay??????????
« Last post by bif on December 15, 2017, 09:11:49 pm »
Anyone know who finally bought this bike?
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